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24 March, 2017
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Ethiopia: Premier League
54143512-25Addis Ababa KetemaDedebit3,6 3 2 33% - 33% - 33% (3)O0301
53671612-11Addis Ababa KetemaEthiopia Nigd Bank2,3 2,88 3 0% - 0% - 0% (0)O1312
53464912-04Ethiopia Nigd BankEEPCO1,91 3 3,9 0% - 100% - 0% (1)O2111
53244011-27St. GeorgesMekelakeya1,53 3,4 6 0% - 0% - 0% (0)U2030
53243911-27EEPCOAddis Ababa Ketema2,3 2,88 3 0% - 0% - 0% (0)U0111
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52964511-20DedebitSt. Georges4,75 3,25 1,67 0% - 0% - 100% (1)O1202
52960511-19MekelakeyaEthiopia Bunna2,2 3 3,1 0% - 0% - 0% (0)U0122
48547406-09DedebitDashen Birra1,8 3 4,5 0% - 0% - 0% (0)U1041

2Argentina: Primera Division
1Australia: NPL NSW
1Australia: NPL Queensland
2Australia: NPL Tasmania
1Brazil: Campeonato Brasiliense
1brazil: campeonato mineiro
2Colombia: Liga Aguila
1Colombia: Torneo Aguila
2Costa Rica: Primera Division
3Japan: J-League Division 2
5Mexico: Liga de Ascenso
1New Zealand: Football Championship
2Panama: LPF
1Paraguay: Primera Division
1Russia: Division 1
3USA: North American Soccer League
0Algeria: Division 1
0Argentina: Primera B Metropolitana
0Argentina: Primera B Nacional
0Argentina: Primera C Metropolitana
0Australia: A-League
0Australia: Brisbane Premier League
0Australia: NPL Victoria
0Australia: NPL Western Australia
0Australia: Northern NSW
0Austria: Regionalliga Central
0Austria: Regionalliga East
0Austria: Regionalliga West
0Belgium: First Amateur Division
0Belgium: Proximus League
0Belgium: Second Amateur Division Group VFV B
0Belgium: Super League Women
0Bosnia and Herzegovina: RS
0Brazil: Campeonato Carioca
0Brazil: Campeonato Catarinense
0Brazil: Campeonato Cearense
0Brazil: Campeonato Gaucho
0Brazil: Campeonato Goiano
0Brazil: Campeonato Paranaense
0Brazil: Campeonato Paulista
0Brazil: Campeonato Pernambucano
0Brazil: Campeonato Potiguar
0Chile: Primera B
0China: FA Cup
0Croatia: 2. HNL
0Czech Republic: CFL
0Czech Republic: First League Women
0Czech Republic: U19 League
0Denmark: 2nd Division - Promotion Group
0Denmark: 2nd Division - Relegation Group
0Denmark: 3F Ligaen Women
0El Salvador: Primera Division
0England: League One
0England: League Two
0England: Northern Premier League
0England: Professional Development League
0England: Ryman League
0England: Southern Premier League
0England: Vanarama National League
0England: Vanarama National League North
0England: Vanarama National League South
0Ethiopia: Premier League
0Europe: Euro U17
0Europe: Euro U19
0Europe: Euro U21
0France: CFA - Group A
0France: CFA - Group B
0France: CFA - Group C
0France: CFA - Group D
0France: National
0Germany: 3. Liga
0Germany: Junioren Bundesliga North
0Germany: Oberliga Baden-Württemberg
0Germany: Oberliga Bayern Nord
0Germany: Oberliga Bayern Süd
0Germany: Oberliga Hamburg
0Germany: Oberliga Hessen
0Germany: Oberliga NOFV- Süd
0Germany: Oberliga Niederrhein
0Germany: Oberliga Niedersachsen
0Germany: Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar
0Germany: Oberliga Schleswig-Holstein
0Germany: Regionalliga Bayern
0Germany: Regionalliga North
0Germany: Regionalliga Sudwest
0Germany: Regionalliga West
0Greece: Football League
0Hungary: Merkantil Bank Liga
0Iceland: League Cup
0Ireland: Division 1
0Ireland: Premier Division
0Italy: Lega Pro - Group A
0Italy: Lega Pro - Group B
0Italy: Serie B
0Netherlands: Eredivisie Women
0Netherlands: Tweede Divisie
0Nicaragua: Primera Division
0Northern Ireland: NIFL Championship
0Northern Ireland: NIFL Premiership
0Poland: Division 1
0Poland: Division 2
0Poland: III Liga - Group I
0Poland: III Liga - Group II
0Romania: Liga 2
0Russia: Division 2 - South
0Scotland: Challenge Cup
0Scotland: Championship
0Scotland: Highland League
0Scotland: League One
0Scotland: League Two
0Scotland: Lowland League
0Senegal: Ligue 1
0Serbia: Prva Liga
0South Korea: K League Challenge
0South Korea: National League
0Spain: LaLiga2
0Spain: Segunda Division B - Group 1
0Spain: Segunda Division B - Group 2
0Spain: Segunda Division B - Group 3
0Spain: Superliga Women
0Switzerland: 1.Liga Classic Group 2
0Switzerland: 1.Liga Promotion
0Turkey: TFF 3. Lig Group 2
0Turkey: TFF 3. Lig Group 3
0Ukraine: Division 2
0Uruguay: Primera Division
0Uzbekistan: Uzbekistan Cup
0Venezuela: Primera Division
0Wales: Premier League
0World: Club Friendly
0World: Friendly International
0World: Viareggio Cup
0World: World Cup

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U/O -  Under/Over (Soccer: 2,5; Hockey: 5,5)
PR1 – Possible Result of host
PR2 – Possible Result of guest
R1 – Result of host
R2 – Result of guest

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